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New Release - Stretta Magnetik Mirage Camo

New Release - Stretta Magnetik Mirage Camo

If you are wondering how we came about creating the design of the new Stretta Magnetik Mirage Camo it is all about our Pro keepers. We asked them earlier this year for feedback on what they wanted to see on a new Camo model. The most common response was colors that evoked calming emotions in difficult situations, nothing too bright, but something that kept focus on that one game changing save.

So, we worked on several designs before arriving at "Mirage"; a deeper toned, mellow grey themed glove with a splash of immersive blue detailing.

Performance wise, we went with a square tip, roll finger outer with a negative latex gusset and inside flare hybrid cut. The palm features our incredible 4mm + 4mm German Magnetik Pro Contact Latex, so you are getting an absolute, pro level glove. And they also feature our signature removable 5 finger exo-skel protection, so you can go with or without spines depending on your desired feel.

This is another glove we are super excited about, let the Mirage become your new game-day glove and be the keeper that plays stylish without all the fuss.

Find the "Mirage Camo" available HERE right now!!!

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