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LBSSC - The Best Value For Money Glove On The Market?

LBSSC - The Best Value For Money Glove On The Market?

With the Light Bright Solar Shield Club fully back in stock, we wanted to share a little story about how the "LBSSC" came to be. At $30, they are easily one of the best value for money gloves currently available on the market.

When we put the idea of the LBSSC in to play a few years back, we had one single goal in mind; create a quality glove that would be easily accessible to keepers on a budget. In similar fashion to Nike and their Nike Premier boot release, we looked at the value of creating something that was simple yet very effective in all situations. They are an excellent practice glove, a ready made game option, and without a doubt the perfect back-up glove.

They are also the glove we receive most positive feedback on, with many wondering how we are able to sell them at such a low price. Well, we do that with a purpose; we want you to know that you can trust what we create for you. If you are on a budget and can get extreme value from a $30 glove, imagine what you can get from our elite level gloves once they become more accessible to you.

The LBSSC is fully stocked right now in sizes from 3 through 11, all priced for just $29.99, and you can find them HERE.

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