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New Release - Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped

New Release - Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped

New Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped

Our new releases keep on coming as we enter August and the beginning of pre-season for many of our A-Team keepers. Welcome in the Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped, or as we like to call them in the office; "Desert Camo."

We wanted to do something a little extra special for these, so we are selling them as an online exclusive release. In other words, the only place you can find them is directly via our Aviata website. No retail, no stores, we are simply saving them at home, where only our true fans can find them! Stand out from the crowd.

New Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped

In terms of design, the most unique attribute on these is definitely the cut. We have incorporated our exclusive Aviata Square Roll Finger with Fingertipped ends for better latex to ball contact. And we haven't skimped on the palm, using a pro level 4mm + 4mm Magnetik German pro contact latex, so you know you are getting the best of the best.

One final important note, these are a pro model glove that will be worn by many of our professional contracted players. As a result, they DO NOT have spines/fingersaves - please keep that in mind before purchasing!

We are super proud of this design and how they turned out, hopefully they prove their worth as your next big game glove purchase!

Find the "Desert Camo" available HERE right now!!!

Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped Cut

Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped New Gloves

Stretta Magnetik Camo Fingertipped Cuff

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