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Glove Customization


If there is one thing we love to do at Aviata HQ, it is creating a personalized look to your gloves via our customization options. This is where we use a high quality vinyl on the glove window to create a look personalized to you. On each glove product page, you will notice two drop down boxes.


The top tab asks if you would like to add customization, with options available for different colors. Please note that this is for the actual color  of the vinyl font that will be used - not the actual glove color. We have standard and specialized colors available.


The second tab allows you to add a custom flag, with the most popular available to use. If there is a country flag not listed that you would like to use, please let us know before ordering and we will add it as an option.

Aviata Glove Customization

You can add either option on its own, or you can add both text and a flag on one glove. There are different costs associated with both customization options as follows:


- Name Customization - standard colors : $9.99
- Name Customization - special colors : $11.99

- Flag Customization - any listed country : $9.99

- Name + Flag - standard : $19.98
- Name + Flag - special : $21.98


If you have a special custom request that you would like to add, we are more than willing to work with you to create a unique look. All you need to do is contact us before ordering, or leave some notes in the "note" box during checkout for us to review. Again, we want you to get the personalized look that matches you as a goalkeeper, so we will always try to accommodate where possible.