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Welcome the new Stretta Roll Pro V3 and the Stretta Salvo V3 Hybrid!

After much designing, testing and reconfiguring the all new Stretta Roll Pro V3 and Salvo Pro V3 Hybrd are ready to hit the stores! Replacing the

Roll Pro V2 the V3 comes with an all new color scheme,new advanced Aviata exclusive contour stretch strap and much much more. For only $74.99 you are getting a top professional glove with removable finger protection and all the bells and whistles. The Stretta Salvo Pro V3 makes a return after a year off from the goalkeeper world. Replacing the original best selling Salvo Pro the V3 brings out a hybrid roll/negative inseeam flare cut along with upgrades to the wrist band,strap,backhand and more. For $79.99 you are getting a glove that not only feels incredible but plays even better. With both the Roll Pro V3 and Salvo Pro V3 Aviata is putting all our love and dedication into goalkeeping to deliver you the best product at the best prices!

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