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Meet #Ateam keeper Antonio Reguero

Hello Aviata readers!!

My name is Antonio Reguero, Spanish professional goalkeeper who currently plays in the Finnish Veikkausliiga (Top division in Finland) and I have been with the best brand for gloves and gk equipment Aviata for the last 6 years.


I am writing this post because I wanted to tell you a bit about me and my career. I will try to make it shorter to don´t get you bored. I played for Real Madrid since I was a little and I was there for 10 years, since I was 10 years old to my 20 years old. I have an apperience with the 1st team of Real when I was 19 years old, in a friendly game. I can say that  I learned so much there in terms of football but also on my education as a being human. 


After that I moved to several clubs around Spain, in the second division, but when I was 25 years old I felt that I needed some adventure so I packed my stuff and I moved to Thailand, persuading for an agent who supposed to find a team there. It was no true so when i arrived to Bangkok I couldn´t find a club. Even though, it was the best decision in my life because from there, I went to the UK and I had the most successful time in my career, getting a move to Inverness CT in the Scottish Premiership. I have to say also that that year I got my first contract with Aviata, so from that moment I couldn´t be happier with this brand on my hands.


I was in Scotland for 4 years and from there I moved to Finland, attracted by a team that was playing in Europe (UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE), Rops Rovaniemi, a team located in the North of Finland where you can find and visiting Santa Claus for the whole year. I signed a contract for 3 months there but in football you never know what can happen, because this will be my 3rd season at this club.


I am a passionate guy about football and goalkeeping, I have been always paying attention to my goalie coaches and my gk teammates (especially the veterans) and I tried to learn as much as I could from each one, positive and negative things, because at the end of the day it can make you a better professional.


I love coaching also, and this year Rops Rovaniemi have given me the chance to start coaching the first team goalies (included me) and the goalkeepers in the academy, awesome thing for me because I want to get all the possible  knowledge to be a Gk coach in the future. 


In fact, I had the chance to join Real Madrid this winter, as a goalie coach of the u12 gk area and be part of this marvelous club, but I rejected it because I felt that it wasn´t the chance yet to retire of professional football. I had one day to decide if I join Real or I kept going playing football, so it was one of the toughest decision in my life. i love so much the game so the idea of giving up football didn´t let me sleep for that night. Now I can say that it was the right decision, because if I keep doing my passion, i believe that one day it will come again.


I would like to mention and thanks again Aviata and Trevor Stiles in all the journey we have been together because wherever I was they supported me unconditionally.


Forever an ever Aviata´s Team

Antonio Reguero

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