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Goalkeeper Athletic Finger/Wrist tape

Color: White

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  • DESIGNED FOR KEEPERS - 1.5” X 360” ( 3ft.) Perfect for wrist and fingers. Can be split easy for tighter smaller joint wraps
  • STRONG SUPPORT FOR JOINT - Athletic Sports Tape helps reduce tissue pressure and provides joint support, helping you recover from pain faster. 
  • MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL - 100% natural cotton, no latex ingredients so it is not harmful to the skin. Perfect for physical therapy & therapists. Can also be used for baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, pull up and pole vault bars.
  • INSANELY STICKY - Tired of tape that doesn’t hold? Our premium adhesive tape sticks like it should. It is ideal for strapping ankles shoulders, elbows, wrists and everything else in between. 
  • BREATHABILITY AND HYPOALLERGENIC - Latex free, our synthetic, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric provides maximum water, sweat, and humidity resistance.
  • EASY TO TEAR - Our tape is VERY strong but there is no need for tape cutters. It is easy to tear due to the serrated edges and prevents further wear. Just wrap, pinch, tear and enjoy your workout.