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Crazy Catch - Sports Training, Upstart Double Trouble Rebound Net For Use With Football, Basketball, Baseball And More


Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble is the perfect product to train in Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Hockey and other major sports. The Upstart Double Trouble model features double the Insane action. 

The front side is great for use with smaller sized balls like baseball, cricket, tennis, etc. The patented net rebounds the ball at unpredictable angles. Hence the Insane return. 

The other side of the net is ideal to use with larger sized balls (soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.). This is ideal to develop an athlete’s reflexes. It also creates unpredictable returns similar to the front side. 

Crazy Catch Upstart Double Trouble is small and compact making it ideal for portability. It can be used indoor/outdoor, taken to the beach, park or a backyard. This is a great tool to train athletes or to improve your drills.

● Athletes improve your game; Crazy Catch – Double Trouble allows training with both small and large balls. Improve your training by getting a rebound that returns at random/unpredictable angles. Great for training and improving with each use.

● Crazy Catch can be used on both sides. The Double Trouble model – Front Side: will allow for unpredictable returns when using smaller balls. While the back side: will also allow for unpredictable returns, but is intended for larger sized balls. A great overall product for sports training like soccer, basketball, volleyball and so much more.

● This product is made of durable lightweight construction that will last a long time. It can take abuse and hold its ground. More importantly, It can easily fold, making it easy for transfer from practice to practice or for convenient storage

● Maxime your training with Crazy Catch’s Patented design. This training equipment has a responsive net tension that results in a fast ball-return. A great feature for elite sports training of any kind.

● Crazy Catch is the go-to product for professional sports training. It is currently being used by some of the world’s top sports clubs. Train like the professionals and start seeing results in your game. Get your Crazy Catch USA product today.

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