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Crazy Catch Freestyle Handheld Sports Rebound Net For Athletes, Sports Training, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer And More


Crazy Catch Freestyle is a hand-held rebound net that helps improve an athlete’s abilities in all major sports. This great training product has a patented net construction that rebounds the ball at a random/unpredictable angle. It works well for Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Softball, and Hockey Training. The trainer has control of the direction/speed of the rebounding ball, they can angle/nudge the net as they choose to rebound the ball at an unpredictable trajectory for the training athlete. A great sturdy and portable product for everyday training.

● Crazy Catch Freestyle will help Increase reflex with its Patented INSANE net construction. This unit rebounds small-sized ball like baseball/softball/tennis ball/etc. at a random unpredictable angle. (Larger-size ball will rebound at the same angle for repetitive training)

● The ultimate freestyle trainer, this unit give the Trainer holding the unit the freedom to manipulate the return angle of any size ball, by simply tilting the angle of the unit in the direction they want. Making the rebound go in the direction of their choosing. The trainer could also increase the velocity of the ball by simply nudging the unit toward the ball as it bounces off the net, to create a faster response.

● Small compact size makes it portable and convenient for storage. Take it to your next soccer training, basketball training or even your next baseball group training.
Maxime your training with Crazy Catch’s Patented design. This training equipment has a responsive net tension that results in a fast ball-return. A great feature for elite sports training of any kind.

● Crazy Catch is the go-to product for professional sports training. It is currently being used by some of the world’s top sports clubs. Train like the professionals and start seeing results in your game. Get your Crazy Catch USA product today.

Size / Dimensions: 20.5" (w) x 20.5"(h)

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